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  • Third Month in Ireland

    Third Month in Ireland

    Sea Freight Arrives We have been living with basic furniture because we know a lot of the things we packed in Malaysia will arrive soon. I did not have a desk to work at home so I ended up going to work everyday. We bought enough pillows and light blanket for ourselves because the pillows […]

  • Second Month in Ireland

    Second Month in Ireland

    The “holiday” feeling is gone, the novelty has wore off, routine and mundane-ness has set in to our lives. I am taking the train to work every day since my furniture are still in the sea freight. The freight left Malaysia beginning of May and only expect to arrive beginning of June, that is if […]

  • Random Thoughts As I Journey To The West

    Random Thoughts As I Journey To The West

    Writing down some of the random thoughts in the weeks and months preparing to migrate to Ireland. Some of the thoughts were written after arriving in Ireland. Giving up, stepping back. The epiphany to take the bold step and move out of the country came to me during a PMI organised webinar. Speaker was talking […]

  • Grateful


    Thought I would keep a log (and maybe update it regularly) of what I have been grateful since coming here. Not meant to brag, but felt like people tell me I have been lucky in a lot of aspects related to the relocation to Ireland. Misplaced handbag. Singapore airport is the first stop for our […]

  • Fourth Week – The Move Out

    Fourth Week – The Move Out

    Almost homeless This is it! The final week for us in the temporary accommodation. My relocation package only funds temporary accommodations and a car for 30 days. Within the second week, my relocation agent already found me a rental apartment that I accepted sight unseen. Now we are waiting to get the green light to […]

  • Third Week – Buying a Car

    Third Week – Buying a Car

    Buy Car Like it or not, when the whole family is coming along for the relocation, there is a need for a car. Public transportation in Ireland, especially in Dublin is top notch compared to what we have in Penang, in most cases it is more expensive to drive a car especially the parking. But […]

  • Second Week – School and Permanent Residence

    Second Week – School and Permanent Residence

    Ask anyone at this time (Q1 2022) and the sentiments are that rental housing is in critical shortage and there is a waiting list for some schools. This is the fact we have to accept as we relocate to Ireland at this time. The situation has been growing acute for many years, there was a […]

  • Second Week in Ireland

    Second Week in Ireland

    Things has been moving so fast on the second week that I was not able to catch on updating the blog. Visit to the zoo Finding a place to visit that is proper for the kids, wife thought it was a good idea to take them to the zoo. They have online ticket, £50 something […]

  • First Week in Ireland

    First Week in Ireland

    We are finally here, so far it feels like we are here on a holiday. I think it has not dawned on the each of us the struggles we will face staying here. There’s still a lot of euphoria coming to a new place. The flight was comfortable, thanks to Singapore Airlines, despite being in […]

  • Journey To The West (4/4)

    Journey To The West (4/4)

    Documenting the preparations for my move to Ireland. Read about our first week of preparations after getting the employment permit, second week and third week. Last Week! This is it, the last week in Penang. We fly off on Friday. Movers are coming on Wednesday. We packed our bags on the weekend (the packing that […]