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  • Where did I start this journey?

    I count my self lucky that I have a very supportive manager throughout my career, especially in the past few years. My manager did give me assignments, support and the psychological safety for me to take on challenging roles. I have been known to take on programs that relate to non-traditional technologies. My first prime […]

  • 2020 – The Career Turning Point.

    Today is May 1st 2020. For posterity sake, the family have been locked down at home since April 18th due to COVID-19 pandemic. Malaysia Government implemented Movement Control Order, allowing general public to only go out to get essential supplies. Schools are closed, wife and I have been working from home. Today, the Prime Minister, […]

  • Need to know myself and kind of a leader I am

    When I started to transition my job from a successful individual contributor to a leader, a lot of doubts come to my mind. Essentially, I am jumping from a great happy job to something that I have to start from beginning. Maybe it would be great if I knew what I needed to do, but […]

  • Bounce back Like A Rubber Band

    I have been feeling stressed and  worried at work over the past few months. The feeling of hopelessness, mainly on work issues.. the feeling that the balls I am jugging now will fall very soon. Then people tell me, well I have to practice resilience, this is where you learn to bounce back after every […]

  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

    I like books like this, they basically take some research results, come up with some use case and write a story about it. This book is so interesting that I finished it in 2 weeks. Impressive considering that I only get to read during the weekends and at night. Link to Amazon Link to Wikipedia […]

  • Workplace Anger

    I hope this post won’t get me into trouble. It is a general observations of my anger management that I face in the workplace. My post, my personal demon to control. As I reflected on my anger management in the past month (without the help of the shrink which I owe them a visit long […]

  • A little bit more about the masters class

    The MSC program that I am attending is called MSC in Reliable Embedded Systems. It is offered by university of leicester. It is a 2 year part time program covering 6 modules. Each module is done in 5 days, Saturday till Wednesday. That means I need to take leave on 3 working day. Every year, […]

  • 5 more to go

    Wife saved up this phrase for me for one week “one down, 5 more to go” she is referring to the module that I have to complete for my masters. Yes, I am taking masters. For those who knows me, you are probably saying.. geeze finally. I have been talking about it for about 5 […]

  • first time in 7 years

    I am going back to school. After 7 years away from school, I am going back to school. Part time masters class. Masters in science. If I am doing masters, going to spend all the effort, the time, the tears, it has to be something more difficult and more challenging then an MBA. People looked […]

  • Student Number

    I got an email today from the university that I have been accepted for the course and I got a student number. WOW. The last time I had anything similar to a student number was 7 years ago. After that, I had an employee number in this company, the 3rd company in my working life. […]