First trip out of Dublin: Drive to Kilkenny

Took the family out to Kilkenny for a weekend. It is a 2 hour drive away and the Ormonde Street Car Park provides a fixed daily rate of 5.50 Euro. I know this because I went there with colleagues back in 2019. We went to Kilkenny Castle, the main tourist attraction in Kilkenny. When we were exiting the castle, we saw some vouchers for 20% discount on the Medieval Mile museum. The Medieval Mile Museum is a converted church, with a artifacts dating back to the medieval times. To keep the kids focused, they have hidden lego mini figures all over the place, kids get a list of the mini figures and asked to check off the list once they found the mini figures. By far, our kids were the most cooperative and enthusiastic during this museum visit.

We asked and the museum folks recommended that we go to Kytelers Inn for lunch, which has an interesting story about a witch. There are a lot of good places to eat in Kilkenny but we thought it would be good to have lunch in a place with a story. Museum folks also recommend that we have the vol-au-vent. First time heard about it, after that we keep seeing this dish in the frozen section in the grocery stores.

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