The “holiday” feeling after gone since relocating to Ireland. The novelty has wore off, routine and mundane-ness has set in to our lives. I am taking the train to work every day since my furniture are still in the sea freight. The freight left Malaysia beginning of May and only expect to arrive beginning of June, that is if the port congestion issues get resolved then. It is an interesting time now, there is lack of empty containers coming out from Asia, hence our shipment out is delayed. There is war in Ukraine now and is exacerbating the supply chain issues. All over the place, we hear that about weeks and months long waiting time for computer peripherals like headphone and monitors.

Kids are back at school again after the 2 week spring break. Waking up early to prepare snacks and lunch for them before leaving to catch the train. Need to budget 15 mins to walk there (although it only takes 10 mins). Still getting used to having to think what jacket to wear as I get out the door. It is normally cold in the morning, the office is nice and warm, evenings can be a little warm to walk with just a thin jacket.

Rushing to Accident and Emergency!

Since we have moved to a new country, might as well check out their medical and hospital system. Ireland health system is more like Malaysia, there is public and private hospitals. Need to pay a small fee for GP and Emergency, but some can be claimed back from insurance. Unlike Malaysia, the insurance here does not cover all the GP cost. Unlike UK, you can go to any GP / Hospital.

When we moved here, we did look out for the nearest hospital. We just thought it was one of the things that we look out for as you move into the new place. We sort of told ourselves if anything goes bad, this is the nearest hospital that we can go to.

Little did we know, the knowledge came in handy. It was the second week were are in the rental apartment. Winnie was sleeping in Emily’s room who has a high single bed. She woke up and knocked her head on the side table and landed on the floor with her knee. She said she felt the knee hurting and thought it must be fractured. Little did she know that her ear cartilage that hit the side table has torn and ear has split. There is blood everywhere!

We held on to the bleeding ear with toilet paper, we did not prepare a first aid kit at that time. Woke the kids up (it was 6.30am when it happened but it’s already bright and sunny outside) and bundle everyone in the car. Lucky the husband used to be an ambulance driver, quickly punched in the hospital location in google map and drive away.

Arrived in 10 mins, didn’t break any laws. Still early in the morning so no traffic on the road. Found the A&E on the first try, just looking at the signs in the hospital. We dropped the wife at A&E and try to find a place to park. COVID protocol means I cannot go into A&E, especially with the kids. So we all went home, nothing else for us to do there. I prepared the kids to school and worked from home.

I was told, the deal with the bleeding ear pretty fast, wash with saline and iodine. Then she had to wait 5 hours before a doctor come to see her. That’s the tough part, then the doctor have to check with plastic surgeon on what needs to be done. Since it’s cartilage, cannot suture. They just glue and tape it back. She then complained that her knee hurts, so they sent her to X-Ray. Turned out no fracture. In all she spent 9 hours in hospital. Then they discharged her with a prescription, she asked and they just ask her to go home. Didn’t ask for payment and wife said she only provided phone number and address. I was told by colleagues later that hospital will send the bill to the house. So much trust! We had to take the prescription (which is for panadol + codine) to the nearest pharmacy and buy the medicine there.

Was telling wife, even in Malaysia we have not used the A&E services. Truly an experience checking out the facilities in a new country.

Kids getting the experience

The kids in school are getting the experience of a life time ( I suppose ). Gabriel have to do an European show and tell leading to their zoom call with the President of European Parliament, Roberta Metsola. The kids were assigned a country, they are supposed to bring food that represent that country and also dress up in traditional costume of the country or in the colors of the flag.

I’ve never been to Romania, never had Romanian food, can’t point where is it on the map. So we looked up a menu on a Romanian restaurant in Dublin and saw an interesting dish called Sarmale. Looked up the recipe, looks doable. So happen there is an eastern European grocery chain nearby. We bought the ingredients which is mainly lamb and 2kg of sour cabbage (ie Romanian kiam chai)The result. Not bad.. better than the canned Sarmale that we bought for reference. Dish by itself taste good, since we have not had one that “original”. Gabe said his teacher came in the class to eat his rolls. I suppose we passed.

Prior to his zoom call, they also got a visit from the Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister). Leo Varadkar. Gabe said he came with 2 other people in a Mercedes-Benz. No pomp and fancy, he stopped by for about half an hour, dropped in their class, I think there were some Q&A with him and off he goes. Very low key welcome for someone who is so high up in the government. Very different experience from Malaysia.

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