Details are correct at the time of writing (Feb/Mar 2022). Will document the migration journey to Ireland on a weekly basis.

I didn’t think it would happen so fast. I should have been more prepared as I had many months to be mentally prepared for our journey to the west. We are relocating to Ireland from Malaysia as I too up a new role within the same department but based in Ireland. The deals more with teams in Europe and US so it make sense to base the execution and program management team in Europe. I intend to document down all the process to migrate to Ireland from Malaysia as I experience it so that reflect on the chaos once the dust settled. Note that I am migrating while still working in the same company so a lot of the logistics and cultural aspects are taken care by the relocation package. Marking the level of steps in (number) format, to show which steps needs to come first due to dependency on the following step.


Got offered the October after a series of interview, the (1) OFFER LETTER was delivered in November for me to start work end of March the following year. Seem there is a queue to get the employment permit and they have to put a reasonable starting date with the employment permit approval. The vendor submitted my (2) EMPLOYMENT PERMIT application at the end of Jan. On top of the offer letter, I also need to renew my passport and get passport sized photograph ready for application.

Employee Permits are processed by DETE (Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment). These are the list of permits,, for my case I applied for CSEP (Critical Skill Employment Permit)

In the meantime, since I am still in the same department, I transitioned over to the new job at the beginning of February. The new department does not have cost center in Penang so there’s some finance magic to keep me in Malaysia for one quarter with the same benefits.


I find it great that you can check the status of CSPE processing in this link: Can do basic calculation when they will get to your applications. When I applied, was told that there is a long backlog on the processing due to COVID situation. Also read in some articles that some Ireland is seeing an increase in permit application especially in medical and E&E sector. They had 1K backlog application in Jan 2021 but 10K backlog in Jan 2022. If I had waited for my turn, by right they will get to me in May. My company managed to get the attention of DETE to expedite my case and the employment permit was pretty much approved the following week.

Once CSPE is approved, first thing to do is to book the flight, due to the pandemic, flights are hard to come by so we had to take PEN-SIN->LHR->DUB. Good thing is that SIN-LHR is on an A380 so Gabriel will be happy.

Temporary Housing

The relocation person has helped to find a temporary housing for the first 30 days when I am there. We stayed at William Beckett House in Dublin 2 because it seems the closest to the affordable grocery shos as well as.

We had 3 options for temporary housing

Option #1
Property Name: Hanover Court 2 bed
Address: Dublin Docklands, Dublin, Co. Dublin, D02 X657, Ireland, Dublin, D02 K510
Room Type: 2 Bedroom – 2 bathrooms
Bed Arrangements: King, King
Square Footage: 82 Square Meters
Arrival Date: Mar 19, 2022
Maid Serv. Freq.: Weekly
Washer/Dryer: In-Unit
Parking: On-Site Parking Garage – 1 Spot(s)

Option #2
Property Name: The Alliance
Address: The Gasworks, S Lotts Rd, Dublin, Ireland, Dublin
Room Type: 2 Bedroom – 2 bathrooms
Bed Arrangements: King,King
Square Footage: 820 Square Feet
Maid Serv. Freq.: Weekly
Washer/Dryer: In-Unit
Parking: On-Site Parking Garage – 1 Spot(s)

Option #3
Property Name: William Beckett House
Address: Pembroke Row, Dublin 2
Room Type: 2 Bedroom – 2 bathrooms
Bed Arrangements: King,King
Square Footage: 70 Square Meters
Cancellation Policy: 14 days
Maid Serv. Freq.: Weekly
Washer/Dryer: In-Unit
Parking: None – 1 Spot(s)

Registration to GNIB

As soon as we got the flight ticket, relocation person also helped to make an appointment with the IRP office. My undertanding is that immigration will only provide a short stay visa (up to 90 days) and I need to go to IRP office to get the IPR card for me and wife that will allow us to stay longer. This is the part where they supposed to stamp wife’s passport to give he rights to work.

At the end of writing this piece, counting down to 3 more weeks till we fly.

Hi, I’m neeshen


  1. Grats dude. Long time since i’ve been here. Will follow closely and who knows might have a chance to crash in your living room in Ireland. hehe

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