Beyond The Trees Avondale

Last minute planning for June bank holiday, we went to Beyond the Trees Avondale. Avondale is one hour’s drive from Dublin. The drive is mostly on motorway but the last few km’s is in a single lane road with a few sharp bends. The attraction is new, opened in 2022 and was a huge hit last year. We finally made it to Avondale this year, avoiding the early bird crowd. Since it was bank holiday, we bought our tickets one week ahead of time. There was no crowd consider the good weather and long holiday. There are 2 major attractions in this area, one is the tour of Avondale house and the second is the Treetop Walk

Avondale House

We went for the guided tour of Avondale house first as we know it finishes in one hour. We were supposed to meet at the visitor center but walked to the house instead. The reception called me to check if we already arrived. They asked us to wait at the house where the guide and rest of the visitors came to meet us.

The guide tells us the story about the Parnell family that lived there. Shared stories on the family relationship with each other and how they become important to Irish home rule. On top of that, we also learned a bit of Irish history through the tour

The house was later used as the school of forestry. Interesting transition from politics and family dynamics to more practical use.

Treetop Walk

Was a long walk to the treetop walk tower. There’s some information on the way to the tower on the trees and animals that live in the forest. We packed sandwiches and had lunch as we walked up the path. Want to note that the walk is one way only, you will come out a different direction. So take in the sights and information as you won’t come back again. There are also small obstacles courses for kids along the way. Not for those with fear of heights.

The tower was impressive when you get near it. They charge 2 Euro per person to take the slide down, pay at the entrance of the slide. You will need to take a carpet from the bottom to slide down. Was told there is a long wait for the slide. We stood at the part where it says 40 mins wait but we definitely waited less than 40 mins.

The walk up to the slide was not exciting. The view from the top was amazing though.

Cost and facilities

The family ticket for Avondale house was 40 Euro. The Family ticket for the treetop walk was 40 Euro. 2 Euro for Emily to take the slide. 5 Euro for parking.

I see some people having their picnic at the lawn. The restaurant serves food and drinks. There’s also a nice big playground for kids and outdoor dining.

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