Category: Learning

  • One lesson

    One of the method to deal with anger (as opposed to controlling anger) is apparently the way I talk. The counselor, after asking me a few case study question, said that I use a lot of the word “you”. Example.. when I get mad and want to screw someone, I would start blasting that poor […]

  • I went to the shrink

    For my anger management problem. Well technically she was just a counselor and not a shrink. And the session was paid for the by the company, so what the heck, I thought. Anger was something that I did not think I had. I think I am a happy person, positive and never had a care. […]

  • A different angle

    As an effort by my department to improve our so called soft skill, the boss bought each of us Strengths Finder 2.0. It cost something like RM75 per book, but here is the thing, the value of the book is not in the book. The value is in this passcode, sealed at the back of […]