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  • Journey To The West (3/4)

    Journey To The West (3/4)

    2 more weeks to go till we board the plan to Ireland. Documented the mad rush on the first week and second week. Process and data accurate as of March 2022. Banks So far this week, it is another mad rush to handle issues related to banking and needs of money in Ireland. The relocation […]

  • Journey To The West (2/4)

    Journey To The West (2/4)

    Counting down to our move in 3 more weeks to Ireland. Things are getting more frantic this week. Read about our first week of preparations here The temporary housing came back for me to sign the agreement and I am waiting for the actual apartment unit before I can finalize the temporary housing address. Each […]

  • Journey To The West (1/4)

    Journey To The West (1/4)

    Details are correct at the time of writing (Feb/Mar 2022). Will document the migration journey to Ireland on a weekly basis. I didn’t think it would happen so fast but I should have been more prepared as I had many months to be mentally prepared. We are moving to Ireland from Malaysia as I move […]

  • Opportunity of a lifetime

    Opportunity of a lifetime

    Till early 2018, I was a with the functional safety team in my department. The director from my previous software development team came to Penang for a visit, I had a 1-1 with him to what functional safety is about and what is needed for the software development team to comply with the standards. It […]