Howth is one of the first places in Dublin that I visited as part of my earlier business trips to Ireland. One of the US lead whom we meet in Ireland business trip is into hiking, he has been here before and so we followed him around. I immediately fell in love with the hiking trail (another story for another time). I’ve since brought the family here on a few weekends, attempting to hike the Howth Cliff but we always end up having lunch in town instead. I now begin to like Howth town for it’s charm and good seafood.

We normally drive to Howth on a Sunday, that way we get free roadside parking. So far coming around 11am – noon on Sundays, we are able to get street side parking. We do know that the restaurants get more crowded after noon. We have only taken the DART once to Howth, that’s when they had some carnival where we know there won’t be ample car park. The train station is unique in that it does not look like a usual station. Only the door gave it away that it is a station, otherwise I would think it looks like a row of restaurants and pub.

Howth DART station, only the door gave it away where otherwise I would think it’s a row of restaurants.

The Market

A good place to start the visit to Howth is at the market. It is just opposite the train station. A place to get snacks but keep stomach for the a proper meal in any restaurant nearby. I will normally get coffee from Bodega Coffee at Howth market, you can definitely smell the coffee as you walk past. In summer, the ice cream shop in the middle of the market.

Howth Market

Filling the stomach

As for lunch, we have been to Brass Monkey and Wrights Findlater Howth. I liked Brass Monkey’s fish and chips and the seafood chowder from Findlater.

East Pier

If the weather is good, can take a stroll to the lighthouse at the east pier to take in the fresh sea air.

View of the town from the Martello tower
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