We have traveled to a few European places since relocating to Ireland. Here are some of the good things about Dublin as a travel destination.

Cheaper transportation in the city.

Especially if you travel around the city, public transportation with the Leap Card is cheap. using the leap card gets you are 20% discount compared to getting tickets from the machine or paying bus fares with cash. Make use of the 90 mins fare and each trip regardless of bus, train or tram is only €2. There is also a daily and weekly limit to using the card. There is also a tourist day trip card, unless you plan to make a lot of rides, it’s not necessary. We spend about £10 a day each on travel in London, each trip cost more than £2 per person. Gabriel is still considered child here but he pays full fare in London.

Free Toilet

Most toilets in the malls are free in Dublin. In a bind, you can go into M&S, Ilac or any malls for that matter and the toilets are free. The only toilets I know you need to pay is in St Stephen Shopping center. Even that, there’s a public toilet outside the mall that was put up by the council for free. Compared that to Amsterdam where most toilets, even at the train station is charged.

Free Tourist Attraction

Similar to London, the museums in Dublin are free to visit. They are pretty good museums like the National Gallery and the National Museum at Collins Barrack. There’s also Chester Beatty Museum behind Dublin castle that is free to visit. So you can get a lot out of Dublin without paying entrance fees.

Cheap Tourist Attractions

There are attractions that are managed by OPW (Office of Public Works) such as Dublin Castle. They charge a flat rate of €8 for adults and reasonably good upkeep.

Stateroom inside Dublin Castle
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