Overnight Trip for the Ireland Bank Holiday

There was a bank holiday and we decided to take a longer trip to the west of the country. Every visitor to Ireland visits the Cliffs of Moher. I’ve heard that colleagues who visit the site in Ireland will surely visit Cliffs of Moher. Went to the Cliffs with the team when we came here in 2018 and I was enchanted since there. The view is something that you need to experience to appreciate. We are fortunate that the weather was kind to us when we visited. We could even see the Aran Islands just off the coast. It rained just as we sat down for lunch at the cafe.

It is a 3 hour drive so I thought would be better to get a hotel. We were were not able to get a hotel room on Saturday night on Ireland’s Holiday. We had to settle for a Sunday night stay in Shannon.

Bunratty Castle

We went to Bunratty Castle first since that would take a whole day. We did not think the kids could spend the whole day there, especially when it’s raining, but we did. After a night in Shannon Springs Hotel, we went to Cliffs of Moher the next day and had lunch at their cafe. We are also surprised at how much the kids can walk and climb at the cliffs. I thought they would admire the view for a while and asked to go home. Waze took us to very small rural roads (single lane winding roads) so we did not go to Dunguire Castle as planned.

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