One of the hardest questions for me to answer, is when people ask how long have I been in Red Crescent Society. The right answer is since standard 4 of non-stop service. But that story is too long so officially it is around 20 years, when I came back from KL and joined back the detachment in Penang.

Like everyone else in the society, I do it because I want to serve the community but people argue that there are many ways to fulfill that need other than Red Crescent. There are other ways where I can still serve without committing so much of my life to it.

Truth to be told, the I just tell people that I am inspired by the work my parents do when they were working at the hospital. Since I didn’t do well enough in exams to be a doctor, this is the only way I can live up to (my parents) dream of being a doctor.

State Awards

For 20 years of service, I am honored that the Penang Governor bestowed me the PJM medal for his birthday this year. So happen this is also the first birthday for the new Governor. I am happy, other than the pandemic I feel 2021 is a good year for me.

This is also a good reward for me that kept me staying in Penang. I stayed here because I have a good career, family support and also an avenue for me to socialize outside of work and home. I am sure I can make it out side of Malaysia, follow the trail of people leaving for Singapore, Australia and US. Somehow I felt a calling to stay here where I have the opportunity to help others. My family on the other hand, may have different opinions on how I am spending my time outside of home.

Hi, I’m neeshen

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