6 Principles We Can Learn

During tough times, we want to find feel good stories that would encourage us. We want to know that the tough times won’t be forever and learn how others navigate through difficulties. Their life stories and sharing serves as motivation for the anyone who is struggling. At the same time, for those who are doing well, it gives hear warming feeling.

This sharing is poignant, Alex is a secondary school mate and he has survived a life threatening brain tumor. I could imagine the moments of uncertainties in his life as he goes through the journey. But the positivity that he spreads through his message is has been insightful.

I start with a quote that he used in the video which is a good reminder for us.

You are not tested for more than you can take. You thrive the most when it there are challenges.

Alex Tan
Alex Tan on The Lite Breakfast

Here is also shares his 6 pillars of success.

  • Fitness and Finesse – This is the ability to get well if anything happens to you.
  • Feelings and Faith – Need to have the will to fight the demons
  • Focus and Faculty – The ability to learn
  • Family and Friends – During the tough times, it is the family and the trusted friends that will be beside you
  • Finance and Fund Management – always have your finance in order, in case of emergencies. In his case, the medical insurance comes in handy as the cost of the operation would be huge.
  • Fun and Frolicking – Travel around the world and warms the hard

Continue to pursue your dreams, don’t wait.

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