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Posted by Jen Hong on Ahad, 12 Ogos 2018

Wife sent me this message with a general statement saying that old folks with kids all living abroad need more sympathy (or something of that nature). I mean pity the old man as he is probably feeling lonely now going through cancer. We then talked about this old lady nearby, whom kids are in US and Australia. She is bedridden and cared for by army of maids and caregivers paid for by the children living overseas. 

After a short sympathy, I started to ask who is really the one with the sad life? 

For one the article said old man still have relatives, and knowing how things work in Asian culture, news will get to his children to come back. I am sure the children know the news without FB posting asking to look for next of kin. There may be issues where they cannot make it back, who knows. 

Empathy is about putting my shoes in his. I see that he has successful kids loving overseas while we are still stuck here (depending on how you measure success). Old man probably told the kids that they should go overseas and not come back (advice taken). 

so question.. why need to be so kaypo.. people don’t need your help to forward this message.. kids are overseas, living THE life and I’m in hazy Penang with politicians from the NEW government talking about LGBT issues depressingly.  The kids are overseas, don’t have to worry about racial discrimination, don’t need to worry about passing Bahasa Malaysia, don’t have to worry about wearing proper attire to the simplest of government buildings. You worry about yourself. 

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