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Kisah Malaysia kekurangan Engineer. Bila baca artikel ini,saya geleng kepala. Saya juga bekas Engineer tapi berhenti…

Posted by Asraff Jeffery on Ahad, 22 Julai 2018

Tapi ada kawan-kawan Engineer yang lain lompat kerja lepas 2-3 tahun berkerja kerana tidak nampak masa depan.

Hidup seperti robot,bangun pagi,masuk kerja, buat perkara sama setiap hari dan gaji,bawah RM3k.

Hinggalah ada kawan-kawan bagitahu kerja di bahagian Customer Service lebih menguntungkan. Kerja reply email secara teknikal dan dalam masa sama sebagai penterjemah. Gaji dapat RM5k. Ada kawan yang dapat RM15k.

Percayalah,sekarang kita bukan kekurangan Engineer tapi kita kurang mereka yang sanggup jadi Engineer. Dan percayalah, isu ini Kerajaan boleh selesaikan.

  1. I do count my blessings everyday, need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One of my blessings is to somehow being on the path to be in the job that I really love, and also with the wonderful company of colleagues. 
  2. We used to have a Russian expat as a manager and we complained a lot about how much we are getting paid, especially since “jumping ship” will mean that we get a huge increment and possibly less work. His response was “if you want money, don’t be an engineer – do sales”. Over the years, I begin to realise how much his advice make sense. If you want to be paid for your effort, work on commission. The harder you work, the more you are paid.. or you can choose to work just enough.
  3. I work with universities a lot as part of my work. When meeting students, I find that their grouses are almost the same as the FB posting. Low starting salary, no careers, other friends jumping higher in “position”, driving new cars. 
  4. Looking through the positive glass, I suppose we can say that engineers have the most possibility of career transitions, ie they can be an engineer one day and jump to customer support. Not many education or careers allow you to do that. 
  5. But I tell people most importantly to know why we become engineers (As Simon Sinek says, “Start with Why”). Be an engineer if you want to create the future. Engineering is complex and hard because creating the future is a very important job. 
  6. Remember that the “managers” were once engineers, that’s where we started. Along the way we moved on the other things that interest is, engineering allows for that. Have you heard of anyone in Business Management major managing a large technical company?

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