Soul Searching

New photo by Nee Shen Ho / Google Photos

It’s tragic to read that people who we think as successful will take their lives. In a way, I feel it’s a reflection of our lives on social media. We post nice things in facebook and we only see other people in their happy moments. Like social media, everyone has a dark side that is hidden beneath the surface of calm. 

I am always mindful that the lives people portray are carefully arranged to show what they want people to see. We see, what they want us to see. Before social media, we have to deal with the neighbours getting larger TV, better car.. With social media, we get to compare with more than just our neighbours. 

I believe that contribution of TIME to the community is essential to happiness. Time is an equalizer, everyone has the same, rich poor, old or young. Giving time to a cause you believe in makes you happy. 

But I also believe that hope brings happiness. I have many friends migrating to other countries for a better life, presumably a happier life. I see teenagers being sent oversees, posting pictures from far away places, because their parents can afford overseas education. 

I have no choice but to seek happiness where I am.. mostly through contributions to society. People think that I am trying to change the world, but in essence, I am trying to change myself. I hate being miserable, but this self realization is a journey. 

So I’ve been telling people, except for a few cases, it does not make sense to move to Singapore (I cannot comment on other countries) so that you can make more money due to the currency exchange. You can make a lot of money but there is a limit to how much money contribute to happiness. I guess this is a case where someone who crave money, thinks that it will solve all problems, till they have money. 

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