Embracing my fear

New photo by Nee Shen Ho / Google Photos

We are volunteers that only show up in force during major public holidays. In every speech and article, we are hailed for sacrificing our holiday to serve the people. For me, it’s so that I can touch my inner fear. 

Most of the people who called for our service are the needy and almost always we take the graveyard shift. Almost all our calls are to low cost flats and kampung houses. We hardly meet any middle class people or drive into manicured houses. The people that we respond to, have their own stories on what got them there. Mental illness and chronic disease at a young age coupled with cramped living condition, single parents… these people are living in a world very different from mine. 

Yet these people live day by day.. year after year..  

What drives them? what keeps the moving.. If it’s hope, I really want to know what they are hoping for because I can use some in my life. 

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