Remember the ones who walk with you

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I am very sure Einstein didn’t say this, any quote with Einstein must be true right?

I do know when it comes to people in the office, I generally categorize them into a those tho are there to build a wall and those who build bridges. 

Fortunately I can count the number of people who are in my first category with one hand. They are the ones who tell you the hoops that you have to jump through to get things done. They are the ones who say “according to the process, one have to get the approval from 5 people.. because it’s the process”. These are the people that can tell you what the process says.. and that’s that. 

Then there is the second type of people who looks at the process and say, let me talk you along for the ride. These are the people who will find ways to get the outcome, while still following the process. These are the people who make things happen

I understand that companies need people of the first type so to ensure regulatory, safety and adherence to rules. Those are all important.. but what about walking together to make sure that I am not alone?

Cold and Alone.. that’w how I feel when dealing with the first kind. 

Lucky for me, there are more of the second kind who will walk together and those are the people that I shall remember. 

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