Had it coming

Continue from my previous post about mistakes in an interview, I never thought I would have to deal with the next big no-no.

It didn’t dawn to me that the candidate had some weird questions but I can tell the interview was not going well.

So we have this fresh graduate who came in for the interview. She was an average candidate from her personality to her knowledge. Sort of a borderline candidate that I would hire if no one better came along. The questions that she asked during the interview was pretty mundane, until I had a review of it.

After the interviewer asked questions, normally we give a chance for the candidate to ask us any question. This girl asked mostly about the benefits, how much she is getting paid, more about flexi hours, what training will we provide..and so on. Normal questions. The part that hit me after the interview during the review was the fact that she did not ask anything else, other than “whats in it for her”.

Well I know that getting a job is so that YOU can get paid and all, but sometimes we “egoistical” interviewers would like to know if there is something else that we can interest you other than benefits and compensation.. and how many days of leave you will get.. and how much bonus you will get..

I thought they teach these kinds of things in college / university.. I’d better have a chat with my university contacts.

Anyway, I saw on TV – and this is how reliable the technique is, if you trust TV – that the only question that you should ask in an interview is… “What would be the one reason that you won’t hire me based on the interview that we just had”. This would give the change for the interviewer to present his doubt and for the interviewee to address the concerns..

Well if anyone is still wondering, my company provides as “competitive compensation and benefit against companies in the same industry and geography”.



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