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Antique Sewing Machine.

Last week, I was at grandma’s place after prayers and saw her sewing machine placed in the car porch. My mum and aunt saw it too and asked grandma why is it out side. She said she does not want it anymore as the table has been chewed to pieces by termites. Aunt said the sewing machine legs are still good as table legs, just buy a tabletop and put it on the legs as a way to salvage the remains of the sewing machine.

I gave a better suggesting. I will take the machine and restore it for my own use. The wife has been asking to buy a sewing machine for some time. Since this is free, why not! It is technically still working other than the chewed up table. So we stripped off the table, with the a whole colony of termites wiggling inside it. We literally chopped off the table from the legs and machine with a machete and burn the remains.

What I have is the legs, the machine… and the receipt. The machine was bought for $272 at staff price in… 1955. Wife says, she likes to use the term pre-merdeka. The sewing machine is older than the nation. 55 years old.

And it still works! Grandma said when grandad was around, he took good care of the machine. I guess now that it is in my possession, I need to take greater care of it.

Pfaff is a german made machine.

The embellishments are all rusty but the mechanical parts are still good. The sewing machine was working when I took it out from the table but decided to give it a good coat of WD40 and singer oil anyway.

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