Year: 2022

  • Fourth Month in Ireland

    Fourth Month in Ireland

    Work life is getting back to the mundane. Since the furniture has arrived, I am working from home a lot more, at least 3-4 days at home. I still prefer to go to the office and work since I feel a lot more productive. Really is the case where the environment in the office takes […]

  • Third Month in Ireland

    Third Month in Ireland

    Sea Freight Arrives We have been living with basic furniture because we know a lot of the things we packed in Malaysia will arrive soon. I did not have a desk to work at home so I ended up going to work everyday. We bought enough pillows and light blanket for ourselves because the pillows […]

  • Overnight Trip for the bank holiday

    Overnight Trip for the bank holiday

    There was a bank holiday and we decided to take a longer trip to the west of the country. Every visitor to Ireland visits the Cliffs of Moher. It is a 3 hour drive so I thought would be better to get a hotel. We were were not able to get a hotel room on […]

  • First trip out of Dublin

    First trip out of Dublin

    Took the family out to Kilkenny for a weekend. It is a 2 hour drive away and the Ormonde Street Car Park provides a fixed daily rate of 5.50 Euro. I know this because I went there with colleagues back in 2019. We went to Kilkenny Castle, the main tourist attraction in Kilkenny. When we […]

  • Brain Drain – Same Narrative

    Brain Drain – Same Narrative

    Over the weekend, there was a series of articles in TheStar talking about brain drain in Malaysia and also the steps taken by the government to stop the drain. Unfortunately, the narrative has not changed after so many years. I consider myself one of the “brain drain” from Malaysia despite all the opportunities that is […]

  • Second Month in Ireland

    Second Month in Ireland

    The “holiday” feeling is gone, the novelty has wore off, routine and mundane-ness has set in to our lives. I am taking the train to work every day since my furniture are still in the sea freight. The freight left Malaysia beginning of May and only expect to arrive beginning of June, that is if […]

  • The Secret to Better Decisions: Stop Hoarding Chips

    The Secret to Better Decisions: Stop Hoarding Chips

    Asked to work from the office since moving to the new apartment as it does not have a work desk. Our furniture is still on sea freight and won’t be here till maybe June. Going to work on the train these days, it’s supposedly cheaper (especially after they reduced the fares by 20% to address […]

  • Random Thoughts As I Journey To The West

    Random Thoughts As I Journey To The West

    Writing down some of the random thoughts in the weeks and months preparing to migrate to Ireland. Some of the thoughts were written after arriving in Ireland. Giving up, stepping back. The epiphany to take the bold step and move out of the country came to me during a PMI organised webinar. Speaker was talking […]

  • Grateful


    Thought I would keep a log (and maybe update it regularly) of what I have been grateful since coming here. Not meant to brag, but felt like people tell me I have been lucky in a lot of aspects related to the relocation to Ireland. Misplaced handbag. Singapore airport is the first stop for our […]

  • Fourth Week – The Move Out

    Fourth Week – The Move Out

    Almost homeless This is it! The final week for us in the temporary accommodation. My relocation package only funds temporary accommodations and a car for 30 days. Within the second week, my relocation agent already found me a rental apartment that I accepted sight unseen. Now we are waiting to get the green light to […]