Day: June 12, 2021

  • 3 Key Criteria To Consider for Your Career

    Tips from a successful general manager As part of the business unit leadership development program, they bring in successful leaders in the organisation to share specific topics. There is a General Manager for a growing segment that came in to share in career journey. He is no stranger to us, we meet up with him […]

  • The one principle to remember when transitioned into a manager

    Bring the people along Speaking from an engineering world, most managers are promoted from talented individual contributors because there’s a need for managers to be understand the technical nuances in the team. One of the key challenge is that a talented individual may not be the best manager. There are new skillsets and knowledge that […]

  • The one thing I want to achieve as a leader

    It has been 18 months since I took over leadership of the group. Since then, I’ve learned a lot but there has been drastic changes to project roadmap, which impact the future direction of the business unit. It is taking a while for us to get clear direction from the top on where this business […]