Day: May 2, 2020

  • The ONE Factor You Need To Keep A Strong Team

    Celebrate Victory – A Lap Around Ireland As I was looking though Google Photos to embellish this site, I was taken on a sentimental trip on what happened in the past few years in my career. So taking a break from writing serious posts on my journey of leadership to look at the trip the […]

  • Kilkenny

    This is a recap of the first day of power on, the cumulation of a year’s work and preparations that brings us to Ireland. The night before (a Friday), the international team involved in the power on decided that we would have a nice dinner before starting power on the next day. In our previous […]

  • My First Eureka Moment

    One of the first thing I was lucky to get was a professional coach to help me through my journey into the leadership role. At this point, he already have my personality assessment results as well as feedback that he has gathered from my peers and managers. In one of the assessment, it is clear […]